About CERTUS Premier Memory Care Living.

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The CERTUS Difference

What you will experience is a lively, colorful, eye-pleasing, stimulating community that feels nothing like the Memory Care of days gone by. Memory Care at CERTUS communities represents the future of effective care. Not only is everything we do backed by quality research, every treatment we provide is evidence based. Our residents deserve the best quality of life, and we deliver it every single day via our programming and design. That is the CERTUS difference.

Our Logo

Design Explained    ​ CERTUS Premier Memory Care Living logo

The CERTUS logo was created with great care and thought, intended for those we serve. We believe our communities will become your loved one’s home – a place where they will feel loved and empowered, and where they’ll create wonderful memories.

Thus the yellow home. Throughout life, we each strive for a healthy balance in all that we do. The yin and yang motif represents the complementary forces that interact to create that healthy balance.

Our dynamic team provides balance to each resident’s life providing the most beneficial number of opportunities for socialization, physical wellness, intellectual stimulation, and nutritional support.

And lastly, the beautiful blue sky which represents our philosophy that every day is a new day to create opportunities for success where every moment matters.

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