Our communities are built purposefully to provide a homelike environment where residents feel comfortable, safe, and successful. From our small neighborhoods to our research-based Main Street concept, we personalize each resident’s day based on their preferences, abilities, and needs.

Our small neighborhoods enable residents to relax and feel at home, while Main Street provides a destination for residents, associates, and families to experience a wonderful sense of connection and community.

The thought process we put behind our communities is what makes them so unique.

Engagement by Design

The CERTUS difference: Research-based Communities

Our community residences are built purposefully to provide a homelike environment where residents feel comfortable, safe, and successful.

MAPS™ Program (Meaning And Purpose = Success)

Let us help you navigate your journey

Our unique MAPS™ program provides opportunity and direction for residents to experience daily moments of success. The program is made to emphasize the quality of life of residents so that they can continue to explore all aspects of their lives.

Couple in the Kitchen

Navigations of Wellness: SPIN™

Increasing Wellness by SPIN’ing

At CERTUS, we navigate wellness by following our SPIN™ program. SPIN™ provides a routine for optimal engagement throughout each day.

Fit Moments

The Fit Moments™ program focuses on creating a continuum of habilitative exercises throughout the day, an exercise strategy which has been scientifically proven to be more impactful than long workout sessions.

The program engages residents in bursts of exercise throughout the day, which are referred to as Fit Moments™. These short bursts of exercise are in addition to regularly scheduled exercise sessions. Each Fit Moment is personalized to the individual’s physical strengths and abilities to ensure success for the individual.

Team Training & Certification

We invest in education because knowledge is power

CERTUS Institute (CI) offers nationally recognized training to associates, family members, and community partners. As a standard, we require each of our associates to complete dementia certification and training to validate their skills and understanding of dementia.

Contact us for a personal look at our communities. We're here to help you navigate this journey.

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