Our communities are built purposefully to provide a home-like environment where residents feel comfortable, safe, and successful. From our small neighborhoods to our research-based Town Center concept, we personalize each resident’s day based on their preferences, abilities, and needs. Our small neighborhoods enable residents to relax and feel at home, while the Town Center provides a destination for residents, associates, and families to experience a wonderful sense of connection and community.

The CERTUS difference: Research-based Communities

When you walk through one of our communities, you will not only feel at home, you will also feel intellectually stimulated and socially engaged. Each design feature throughout our community has been selected to improve engagement and success through subtle cues. Experience the CERTUS difference and learn more about our research-based design!

Rendering of an appartment layout

Personalized Suites

Our goal is to help residents retain their independence. Each suite has been created by using research-based design, which includes intentional color contrasts, layout, and lighting.

The layout of our suites, much like the entire community, ensures that each resident can engage successfully for an excellent quality of life.

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Dignified Dining Experience

Our communities provide a home-style dining atmosphere where residents can socialize and enjoy great food. Our menus are based around a brain-healthy diet that never compromises on great taste.

Our patient and attentive associates are trained to take orders while standing on the resident’s dominant side, increasing confidence and success during the dining experience.

We’ve also used the psychology of color to purposefully select tableware, such as red plates.

Did you know that the color red increases appetite and promotes participation and focus? It does! Subtle choices such as these yield big benefits in the quality of life for our residents.

A healthy CERTUS diner on a red plate.

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Spread of color samples

The Use of Color/Contrast

At CERTUS, we have taken the time to research the impact and psychology of color to determine how it can best be used throughout our communities.

You’ll notice that our uniforms are lime-green, one of the most vibrant colors that individuals can see as they age. This is proven to help residents identify who to go to when they need guidance or assistance.

Throughout our communities, you will see color contrasts that help residents successfully navigate the community.

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The Use of Music

The award winning Musical Breath program uses music therapy interventions to engage residents; decrease Sun-downing and foster neurological stimulation.

Every resident can benefit from the Musical Breath program. Our specially designed speaker system enables us to play music throughout the community, as well as outside, in our therapeutic garden.

We play music that is carefully chosen for mornings, meal-times, and evenings. Music has a scientific impact on the body and can improve sleeping patterns, eating habits, and overall engagement.

An elderly mom and her daughter listen to music together

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Illustration of the CERTUS bus

Purposefully Designed Transportation

For many of our residents, experiencing life beyond the community’s walls is very important.

To ensure that we support this need, we have designed a bus based on the latest research on comfort and resident ability. Our bus is equipped with color-contrasted seats and a headset speaker system to engage residents while they’re on their journey.

Our bus caters to all residents’ abilities by providing a chairlift and easy-to-walk-up steps.

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