The CERTUS Fit Moments™ program focuses on creating a continuum of habilitative exercises throughout the day, an exercise strategy which has been scientifically proven to be more impactful than long workout sessions.

The program engages residents in bursts of exercise throughout the day, which are referred to as Fit Moments™. These short bursts of exercise are in addition to regularly scheduled exercise sessions. Each Fit Moment is personalized to the individual’s physical strengths and abilities to ensure success.

An exercise strategy which has been scientifically proven to be more impactful than long workout sessions.


CERTUS Fit Moments™ is a great program for those who enjoy exercise as well as those who do not. By creating Fit Moments™ throughout the day, associates encourage residents to stay physically fit within an environment of normalcy.

Someone who enjoys exercise might engage in a more traditional exercise session, such as going for a walk to build respiratory endurance and muscle strength; meanwhile, someone who doesn’t typically choose to engage in formal exercise might be encouraged to build physical strength by helping to set up chairs for an event.

Each personalized Fit Moment is designed to suit individual preferences with the goal of improving physical health. Regardless of the specific activity, a physically active life is a healthier life.

Research suggests that exercise is one of the most effective ways to keep the body and brain healthy. The National Institute of Health says that daily exercise drastically decreases your chance of developing many health-related diseases.

Exercise is suggested as a preventative for dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular dementia, which are the two most common types of dementia.

Research also shows that exercise provides daily benefits to those already living with dementia by supporting brain signals that help improve independence with the activities of daily living.

CERTUS Fit Moments™ harnesses this knowledge and makes exercise more appealing to every individual by engaging participants with exercise in short, regular, and personalized bursts throughout the day.

happy seniors working out

happy seniors working out

happy seniors working out

seniors stretching with bands

Program Development and Implementation:

  • CERTUS created custom exercise videos to be used in communities.
  • CERTUS Fit Moments™ Curriculum provides easy to follow exercise instructions complete with photos and illustrations, to be used by both resident care associates and family members with the residents.
  • A monthly theme will be rolled out for each community to follow. Example:

January: Travel the World!

Each week, residents will learn exercises that have originated from different countries, such as Yoga from India, Tai Chi from China, and so on.

February might be Olympic Games month; March might be Heart Health month, etc.

All associates will be trained on how to conduct the program. Curriculum will be made available in our Family Resource Center, and an educational video will be sent to families to encourage them to create Fit Moments when they come for a visit.

  • A Fit Moments™ Chairperson will motivate and coach their team on how to create Fit Moments™ with residents.
  • We will create a Fit Moments™ tab in the SMILES program to track how many Fit Moments™ each resident is engaging in (this is an engagement tracking system).

senior stretching with band

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