At CERTUS, we navigate wellness by using a compass known as SPIN™, which stands for Social Wellness, Physical Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, and Nutritional Wellness. SPIN™ provides a routine for optimal engagement throughout each day. This kind of dementia support offers residents a high quality of life through engaging in research-based routines that focus on habilitation: reinforcing what the individual can still do.

From social programs created to foster well-being, to our fitness programs developed in collaboration with Lynchburg College’s Beard Center on Aging, our commitment to providing each resident with SPIN™ moments is unparalleled. Experience quality living and the CERTUS difference by keeping your MAPS™ compass SPIN’ing!

Adults socializing

Social Wellness

Research shows that social connection stimulates the brain in a way that fosters continued cognition and emotional stability.

Remaining socially engaged means developing new friendships and a sense of belonging by becoming actively involved with the community.

Our caring, compassionate, and highly-trained associates makes this easy for residents.

We work hard to give everyone ample opportunities to interact with their peers in healthy, stimulating, and rewarding ways.

fit moments

Physical Wellness

There is a significant connection between physical activity and cognitive well-being.

Our Fit Moments™ program inspires residents to engage in short bursts of exercise throughout each day.

Recent research shows that physical wellness slows down the signs and symptoms of memory loss by stimulating the brain.

Daily physical activity releases endorphins – happiness hormones — and stimulates more energy throughout the day.

Regular engagement in physical activity also reinforces muscle memory, making the important activities of daily life easier to perform.

fit moments

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual stimulation has been scientifically proven to foster changes in the brain, which helps reduce age-related and dementia-related decline.

We encourage our residents to learn new things, engage in in-depth conversations, and remain curious.

Recent research shows that people who remain intellectually involved have a greater chance of keeping their mind sharp.

Our engagement opportunities increase learning, stimulate conversations, and explore a wide variety of different subjects and topics.

Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

We are what we eat! Research has shown that a diet built of ingredients known to support brain health such as fresh fruits, vegetables, key spices and lean protein sources can slow cognitive decline substantially and improve an individual’s independence with the activities of daily living.

At CERTUS, our nutritional wellness program offers entrees and snacks that are in line with this research!

Our residents are encouraged to take part in brain-healthy cooking programs and menu planning to incorporate some of their favorite meals.

Did you know sweet and tart are the last tastes we lose?
Our chefs use knowledge such as this to create menus that ensure our residents enjoy great taste while nourishing their bodies for a full day of social, physical, and intellectual engagement.

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