Our unique MAPS™ program provides opportunity and direction for residents to experience daily moments of success. MAPS™ focuses on creating a mindful environment, wherein every moment matters. The program emphasizes living well so that residents can continue to explore all aspects of their lives.

Our communities are designed to give our residents opportunities to excite their everyday living.

Meaning and Purpose = Success

We all want to have meaningful and purposeful lives. People with memory loss are no different. At CERTUS, we use each resident’s life story as the foundation to build meaningful interactions with successful outcomes.

Whether a resident was once a university professor who can now help proofread the community newsletter, a business executive who can now assist in the interview process for prospective new associates, or a culinary chef who can help create our dinner menus, we strive to engage with every individual’s unique talents to give them a sense of meaning, purpose, and success.

In turn, MAPS™ also helps to create strong and authentic relationships between residents and community associates.

Our MAPS™ program is led by Certified Dementia Professionals and is enhanced by the CERTUS Navigation of Wellness method, which is known by its acronym, SPIN™ (Social Wellness, Physical Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, and Nutritional Wellness). Learn more about SPIN™ in the Increasing Wellness Center of our website.

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The CERTUS Curriculum

The CERTUS Curriculum is a program that encourages residents to develop new interests, new hobbies, and new friends.

Every resident is encouraged to be an active member of their community, and with over 200 CERTUS programs for associates and families to choose from, this goal is possible for everyone to achieve.

Our philosophy is to focus on the individual, not the disease; we focus on the individual’s abilities rather than their challenges.

We engage each resident based on their unique history, personality, talents, and strengths, and we strive to understand and reinforce these traits.

Each day at CERTUS creates meaning, purpose, and success within an environment of normalcy wherein every moment matters.

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