CERTUS is committed to higher learning. The CERTUS Institute offers nationally approved training to associates, family members, and community partners. As a standard, we require each of our associates to complete dementia certification and training to validate their skills and understanding of dementia.

Our commitment is to push the field forward by ensuring that everyone within our communities has an exceptional understanding of dementia. To achieve this, we offer training to family members and community partners to better interact with, and advocate for, individuals with dementia.

We work with the National Institute for Dementia Education (NIDE) to offer four levels of certification as well as nationally approved training seminars on an array of topics related to dementia.

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Our training program includes: on-site training; area training; professional development training; skills and leadership training; e-learning; webinars; manuals and resource guidebooks; self-study courses; professional certifications; team and individual coaching and development.

In the words of Sir Francis Bacon, we believe “knowledge is power.”

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