February 28, 2018 9:25 pm

Did you know that the sun does much more than keep us warm and provide daylight? The sun also has tremendous power over our health and our emotions. According to research from The Optimal Wellness Center in Chicago, exposure to sunlight is a safe and ideal way for your body to obtain vitamin D.

Many scientists argue that it is almost impossible to get enough vitamin D from diet alone. However, the sun can help with vitamin D production. Research shows that exposure to natural sunlight is absolutely essential for optimal health and well-being. Sunshine can also help regulate hormones and endorphins that make us feel happy as well as provide us with energy.

Mounting research shows a connection between low levels of vitamin D and cognitive decline. Some research even suggests that low levels of vitamin D may increase changes of certain types of dementia. We cannot say for certain that vitamin D can prevent memory loss or help restore brain function.

However, we can say that vitamin D can help regulate mood and emotion that may decrease your chances of developing memory loss. Currently, emotional states (such as happiness and depression) are a hot topic of study as certain emotional states may lesson your chances of dementia.

Many researchers are looking for answers to these questions and to learn more about the effect of vitamin D on the body and emotional states. The goal of the research is to show that vitamin D may foster positive emotional states; thus, decrease the chances of dementia. With hopeful research such as this – we can anticipate a brighter future for those living in the sunshine state.

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