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Signature Programs

At CERTUS Premier Memory Care Living, our research-based and evidence-based approach to Memory Care uses a variety of programs to support whole-person health in your loved one. By treating the individual rather than the disease, we promote greater wellbeing, helping empower your loved one to find more meaning and purpose in each day.

Purposefully Designed Spaces

Our shared CERTUS Premier Memory Care Living community is architecturally designed with key features allowing residents to be more successful each and every day. Using a combination of color contrast theory, lighting, and wayfinding elements, these unique structures are easy to navigate and offer plenty of ways to help residents feel engaged.


An abbreviation for Meaning and Purpose = Success, our MAPS program uses residents’ professional experience and personal skills to help engage them in everyday tasks in order to elevate their confidence and bring meaning and purpose to their lives.


This program helps improve independence and physical wellbeing by encouraging residents to stay physically fit through daily activity with short bursts of exercise. Even residents who aren’t fond of traditional exercise can be encouraged to build physical strength through activities such as setting up chairs for an event or working in the garden.


Our resident wellness program, SPIN, stands for Social, Physical, Intellectual, and Nutritional Wellness. This research-based support program focuses on activities our residents can still do, maximizing their success as they journey through the day, helping to improve cognition, stimulating appetite, and encouraging independence.


CERTUS Premier Memory Care Living is committed to advancing Memory Care education in our greater communities and elsewhere through educational opportunities for resident family members and other community partners. For more information, contact us today.


Our award-winning Musical Breath program uses music therapy to engage residents, decrease sundowning, and foster neurological stimulation.

Music is carefully selected for mornings, mealtime, and evenings and is played over a specially designed speaker system, throughout the community, as well as outside, in our therapeutic garden.

Music has a scientific impact on the body and can improve sleeping patterns, eating habits, and overall engagement. Every resident can benefit from this unique program.


For many of our residents, experiencing life beyond the community’s walls is very important.

To ensure that we support this need, we have designed a bus based on the latest research on comfort and resident ability. Our bus is equipped with color-contrasted seats and a headset speaker system to engage residents while they’re on their journey.

Our bus caters to all resident abilities by providing a chairlift and easy-to-climb steps.

Contact our Orange City Memory Care community near Deltona today to learn more about the innovative programming at CERTUS Premier Memory Care Living.

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