At CERTUS, our unwavering commitment to inclusivity drives our mission to ensure that everyone can enjoy a seamless online experience when visiting our website. We are proud to announce that we go above and beyond to not only meet but exceed the requirements set forth in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A (WCAG 2.1 A).

Our dedication to accessibility is not just a promise; it’s a practice that we take seriously. We have conducted a thorough and rigorous accessibility review of our website to identify any potential issues that may hinder users with disabilities from accessing our content. Rest assured that any concerns that surfaced during this review have been diligently addressed and remediated.

Our commitment, however, doesn’t end here. We understand that accessibility is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to continuously improving our website to meet and exceed the evolving standards of WCAG 2.1 A. We believe that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to access information and services online.

If you are currently encountering any difficulties while navigating our website, or if you have specific questions or concerns regarding its accessibility, we are here to assist you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated accessibility team at 321-300-2151. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance your browsing experience.

In the event that you do come across an accessibility issue while using our website, kindly provide us with details about the specific web page in question. We are committed to making all reasonable efforts to promptly address any issues and ensure that the page in question becomes fully accessible to all users.

At CERTUS, we firmly believe that accessibility is not just a compliance requirement; it’s a fundamental right. Thank you for choosing to explore our website, and we look forward to continuously improving our accessibility efforts to make your experience better each day.

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